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Board of Governors and Sub - Committees Minutes

Minutes of the meetings of our Board of Governors and Sub-Committees are available using the links below.  Minutes are available from 2019 onwards and are published following formal approval.

Board of governors

Board of Governors

                Board Minutes - 11 June 2020

                Board Minutes - 5 March 2020

Board Minutes - 26 September 2019

Board Minutes - 28 November 2019

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Minutes - 6 November 2019

Remuneration and Nominations

                Remuneration and Nomination Committee - 5 March 2020

Remuneration and Nomination Committee - 28 November 2019 

Academic Board

                 Academic Board – 8 July 2020

               Academic Board - 11 March 2020

Academic Board - 27 November 2019