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CeMAP® Professional

Gain recognition for your up to date knowledge of the mortgage industry

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Over 100,000 students have now achieved our Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). 

Set yourself apart from the competition and gain recognition for your up to date industry knowledge with CeMAP Professional and CeMAP Advanced Professional. 

Whether you advise every day or are just starting out in the industry, it’s vital to ensure that your skills and technical understanding of the subject are current and well-informed. On-going personal development is the key to this.

CeMAP Professional is for those who wish to demonstrate that they are willing to go beyond the requirements laid down by the regulator to achieve this aim. 

Key Information

  • Available to our members and non members
  • Instant online acceptance (subject to eligibility)
  • Bespoke digital badge to display your achievement digitally in email signatures; websites and socials
  • Your credentials will be stored in our online Professional Services CPD register confirming your status
  • Exclusive access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources and up-to-date study materials.

Check CeMAP Professional credentials in our Professional Services CPD register.

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What is CeMAP Professional?

CeMAP Professional is a status that you can display to your clients, employers and peers to confirm that you:

  • Actively pursue personal development to ensure your knowledge of the mortgage industry is current
  • Work in a professional and ethical manner
  • Are a holder of either CeMAP or the CeMAP Diploma

We have two CeMAP Professional status’. We’ll automatically award the highest status based on your CeMAP qualification.

CeMAP Professional

This is the status for you if you hold our CeMAP or Advanced CeMAP qualifications.

CeMAP Advanced Professional

This status is for you if you've achieved the higher level CeMAP Diploma or DipMAP qualifications.

If you are working towards the higher CeMAP Diploma, please apply for CeMAP Professional and we’ll automatically upgrade this for you once you pass.


To be eligible for CeMAP Professional status you need to:

  • Have held a CeMAP® qualification for a minimum of 12 months
  • Have completed at least 15 hours of mortgage related Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the past 12 months
  • Have agreed to at least 15 hours of appropriate CPD to take place in the next 12 months
  • Adhere to our Code of Ethics 

Check your eligibility and apply via your MyLIBF account.

Log into MyLIBF to check your eligibility

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To hold the CeMAP Professional status you must have completed 15 hours of CPD within the past year and have committed to at least 15 hours of mortgage related CPD each year to demonstrate that your industry knowledge is current.

Our CeMAP Professionals all have access to our course website which has a variety of CPD resources designed to fulfil the CeMAP Pro CPD requirements. You are also able to source your own CPD content.

If you haven’t carried out CPD recently why not undertake one of the following programmes.

Module 3 of CeMAP Revision Tool
Test your knowledge with our “Assessment of mortgage advice knowledge“ CeMAP Revision Tool module
designed to assess current industry knowledge through a series of case studies and test questions.

Registration fee: £90.00 (inc VAT) for 12 months access.

Other suitable mortgage CPD activities include:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Studying for a relevant qualification
  • Webinars & podcasts
  • Technical updates
  • Internal training
  • E-learning
  • CeMAP TV

Find out more about CPD

What is CeMAP TV?

Whether you're working towards your 'licence to practice', looking to progress in your career, or to provide better service to your customers, CeMAP TV can help. 

Since 2014 – when the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) came into force – there have been regular reforms to ensure the market works better.

CeMAP TV follows industry changes with professionals and experts to get their views and gain insights about what might happen next in the ever-changing mortgage market.

Key information:

  • Claim towards your continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Keep up-to-date with what is happening in the mortgage industry
  • Study at a time and place that suits you by watching industry updates and debates
  • Display CeMAP Professional credentials in your office to give you more credibility with customers compared to your peers
  • CeMAP Professionals are included in our Professional Services Register

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Frequently Asked Questions

CeMAP Professional is designed for CeMAP or Advanced CeMAP holders. CeMAP Advanced Professional is for those who have achieved the higher Level 4 CeMAP Diploma or DipMAP qualifications.

You will need to sign into your MyLIBF account and make declarations to confirm that you hold the correct title, you have carried out and scheduled your CPD and that you agree to our Code of Ethics.

Please have your card details ready for payment. The whole process should take no longer than 5-10 minutes before you receive confirmation on your success.

At this stage, you won't need your CPD records or your qualification certificate to hand. 

The content of your Continued Professional Development needs to be related to the mortgage industry and/or your mortgage advice role.

No, at the application stage your CPD records will not be needed.  

However, we will send email requests to a random sample of applicants asking to see their CPD records in an audit assessment to ensure that sufficient hours have been completed.

We’ve made CPD compulsory for CeMAP professionals. If we find that CPD is not being undertaken we do have a misconduct process to follow which could result in withdrawal of CeMAP Pro status.

Mortgage related CPD is in addition to the development hours you carry out to retain your Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). This is because the CPD points for SPS are related to your role as retail investment adviser. 

However, some content will be suitable for both, for example equity release, as this can affect both borrowing decisions and retirement strategies. Please contact us if you have any queries on this overlap.  

Has your question been answered?

If you have any questions or need advice please fill out the form or call +44 (0)12 2781 8609.