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Financial World

Financial World is our journal, published in association with the Centre for The Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI). Distributed to students, members and subscribers, it brings together thought-provoking research and commentary on the structure and development of the domestic and international financial services sector and the wider economy.

Digital and audio

From the August 2020 issue, we’re making the shift to digital – which we believe offers you some real benefits and flexibility.

In particular, we’re introducing an audio version. You’ll be able to relax and listen to Financial World articles at any time, in any place that suits you – while going for a walk, preparing dinner, or with your eyes closed after a long day.

One of the main advantages of a digital version is that we can embed links to take you directly to useful background sources and some of the wider aspects of debates. We want to make the Financial World experience deeper for all our readers and hope you’ll welcome this new feature.

This is a transition year for the magazine. We’re moving to quarterly publication and the content will be more closely tailored to your needs as a member of our community. In some areas – such as trade finance and regulated advice – we're offering additional depth through e-newsletters, which we hope you have already been finding useful and informative.

We hope you enjoy the new format and reading – and listening to – Financial World.