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Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Professional qualifications

Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Become a recognised mortgage adviser with the CeMAP qualification.


About the qualification

Would you like to be a mortgage adviser?

Study CeMAP online, and fit your learning around your life and work. CeMAP is the starting point for mortgage advisers and – as the industry-standard qualification – will help you launch your new career.

In three modules, you'll explore the regulations that govern the UK mortgage sector and the factors that affect a customer's personal financial plans. This will equip you with the expertise you need to give mortgage advice.

As of 1 September, if you register to study CeMAP the cost of membership is included in the registration fee. 

Your studies will cover

  • The purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry
  • The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) main aims, activities and relevant Conduct of Business rules
  • The house-buying process and parties involved
  • The different types of customers and mortgages
  • How to assess the affordability and suitability of different mortgage options and associated products

Benefits for you

  • Qualify in 12 months
  • Online study that fits around your life
  • Access to research tools and industry analysis through KnowledgeBank and Financial World
  • Use the ‘CeMAP’ designation after your name once you qualify
  • Student membership for one year with additional benefits
  • Access to career support and guidance
  • Invitation to attend events and webinars from industry leaders


Accredited Learning Support Providers (ALSP)

We understand that everyone has different learning styles. Some students prefer a qualification route with extra learning support. 

We have recognised a select number of CeMAP training providers offering to help support your learning and understanding of the concepts and materials.

Find out more

Please note that using a learning support provider is entirely up to you: it is NOT a requirement of your studies.

Registration fee £555 for the complete qualification
£185 per module
The price includes study materials and exam entry.
When to apply? Registrations are open all year round
Number of modules       Three
Average time to complete 12 months
Study type This qualification is on-demand. Everything is online and you can study at a pace that suits you.
Study material Study texts are provided online and in hard copy for Modules 1 and 2. Module 3 doesn’t have a study text, but you’ll find an information booklet and a free synoptic paper on the course website.

You’ll also get access to:
  • a student-led discussion forum
  • study tip videos
  • a weekly study planner
  • a tax table
  • syllabus updates
  • online access to our student portal MyLIBF
  • online access to our virtual library KnowledgeBank
Additional study support You can purchase extra study support materials at any time, including:
  • CeMAP Revision Tool (CRT)
  • Specimen digital exams - available online via MyLIBF
  • 'Ask the Experts' online tutor support
  • CeMAP tuition videos.
Assessment type Two-hour multiple choice exam per unit
Assessment provider You can book your exam at test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation
  • Registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)
  • Meets the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) examination standards
  • A mandated qualification in the Mortgage Adviser Apprenticeship Standard.

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Read our selection of CeMAP blogs for insights about the qualification.


CeMAP consists of seven compulsory units contained within three modules. You can register for any number of modules at a time. You will have 12 months to complete each module and sit the exam.

Module 1 - UK Financial Regulation (UKFR)

    Unit 1 - Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
    Unit 2 - UK Financial Services and Regulation

This module will teach you how legislation and regulation interact.

Module 2 - Mortgages (MORT)

    Unit 3 - Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets      
    Unit 4 - Mortgage Applications 
    Unit 5 - Mortgage Payment Methods and Products 
    Unit 6 - Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Issues 

You will get a thorough grounding in the mortgage application process, including the different products available and the issues borrowers may face after completion.

Module 3 - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM)

    Unit 7 - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge

You will consolidate the knowledge you gained in Modules 1 and 2 and learn how to apply it to different scenarios.

Additional study support

You can purchase additional study support when you register for CeMAP or later through your MyLIBF account.

CeMAP Revision Tool (CRT) 

Test your knowledge of the industry – and get personalised feedback – with our online exam practice tool, CRT.

CRT includes all our specimen CeMAP exams and will support your learning in each module of your CeMAP training. It allows you to:

  • select which topics you want to be tested on
  • adjust the exam timer according to how confident you’re feeling – you can be tested slowly in the early stages of your CeMAP qualification or simulate real-life exam conditions
  • get personalised feedback on where you’ve given wrong answers
  • link back to the study materials where your feedback has identified knowledge gaps
  • contains exam style questions from our specimen papers as well as additional knowledge test questions.

Specimen CeMAP exams
Everybody’s learning style is different, so we also offer digital specimen exams for CeMAP too. If you prefer a simpler revision tool – or only want to focus on one module – these are a cost-effective way to support your study.

Ask the Experts
Would you like expert help with your CeMAP studies?

You can ask questions as well as  discuss issues and topics that come up in the qualification with our online support forum – Ask the Experts. Our industry experts will be happy to support you with your studies.

CeMAP Tuition Videos
If your learning style is audio-visual, you may prefer to get extra support with our CeMAP Tuition Videos. We’ve now launched a combined set of videos for CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3, following the release of CeMAP 1 in September. These videos focus on the areas that students typically find more difficult and break the learning up into smaller topics to help reinforce your learning. 

Each video focuses on a different aspect of the syllabus and provides examples to support your learning. The videos can be watched on any device, from anywhere in the world ¬– as long as you have internet access – giving you the flexibility to study when and where it suits you. 

The CeMAP 3 section will also have the added benefit of a top tips video that will outline how to approach the exam, as well as the technical training needed, through the use of case studies and its application to real world scenarios. 

The combined CeMAP 2/3 videos cost £99 for the full set and can be watched as many times as needed. You will have access to them for 12 months. 

Accredited Training Providers

Some students prefer a qualification route with extra learning support. We have recognised a select number of CeMAP training providers offering to help support your learning and understanding of the concepts and materials.

CeMAP training courses are optional and do not include our CeMAP qualification registration fee. You will still need to register and complete the CeMAP qualification through us, as we are the only provider who can award CeMAP.

Find out more

There are dozens of organisations offering training courses for CeMAP and other London Institute of Banking & Finance awards. An ALSP is a training organisation that has joined our ALSP scheme and has been formally recognised by us as delivering appropriate additional learning and training support.


To gain our recognition, an ALSP’s course is assessed rigorously and must continue to meet certain quality standards relating to:


  • accuracy of course information
  • comparability to The London Institute of Banking & Finance’s programme of study
  • accuracy of course content
  • quality of delivery, both online and in a classroom
  • trainer/author credentials
  • course management policies and procedures
  • satisfactory annual reporting of their training activities and course management


While all ALSPs’ courses undergo regular monitoring, they might not be suitable for all students and we offer no guarantee of success in the exam to users of them. If you are considering using third party services, it’s very important that you assess their offering against your needs and choose your provider with great care – please see the FAQ on what you should look for when choosing a learning support provider. A list of our current CeMAP ALSPs is here.

Using a third party learning provider is entirely your choice: it is NOT a requirement of your CeMAP studies. However, once you have commenced your CeMAP studies, if you feel you would like or need supplementary support in addition to the resources available from The London Institute of Banking and Finance , paying for an additional course might benefit you. For example, an extra online course from a training provider might be structured in a way that suits your learning style.


Many training organisations also offer face-to-face workshops and live webinars. The benefits of these include you being able to meet and learn with fellow students and a qualified trainer, discuss issues relating to your individual needs, undertake varied activities, practice exam questions and better understand your progress and learning gaps - all away from the distractions of a work/home environment.

There are dozens of learning support providers offering training courses. Please be aware that while websites appear to be professional-looking, not all are bona fide organisations: for example, a ruling by the Advertising Standards Agency in 2018.


So, if you are considering using a learning support provider that is not an ALSP, we strongly recommend you read its website thoroughly and look at whether:

  • it can be contacted by phone or e-mail (beware of those only offering a call-back service)
  • an address is given – check on the Companies House website that the company and its address are genuine. Do an online search on the address: does the company operate from professional-looking premises?
  • training course fees are clearly stated
  • it states you will also need to register with The London Institute of Banking & Finance and pay the appropriate fee
  • syllabus information and course content appears accurate, complete and up to date
  • there are any testimonials (but bear in mind they might not be genuine)
  • there are clearly stated terms and conditions. Make sure you read them carefully
  • the organisation claims to be recognised or accredited by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and/or uses its logo. Please note that only ALSPs are authorised to state they are accredited by us and display the official ALSP logo. The names and contact details of our ALSPs who offer support for CeMAP are published on our website here.


You are strongly advised not to simply register and/or pay for a course online. Your first step should be to phone the organisation to discuss the course and your needs. If they cannot describe the course in detail, or if there is no answer and they do not reply to voicemails or e-mails, you should be very cautious.

We are aware of a number of revision courses and learning materials being offered for sale online. If these are not being offered by one of our Accredited Learning Support Providers, you should be very wary of buying these items, even if they appear to be good value. The provider and the materials have not been reviewed by us and therefore their quality and relevance to your studies is unknown. Note that these materials might be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date and could be misleading to you.

If you have any concerns, Sue Sedwell, Head of Accreditation: ssedwell@libf.ac.uk will be happy to help you.


You will be assessed for each module by a two-hour electronic multiple-choice exam.

  • Module 1, UK Financial Regulation (UKFR) – two units with 50 multiple-choice questions for each unit
  • Module 2, Mortgages (MORT) – four units with 25 multiple-choice questions for each unit
  • Module 3, Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM) – one unit with six case studies, each with ten linked multiple-choice questions

You can choose when to take your CeMAP exams and pick from test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation.

You will have 12 months from when you register, to complete each module and sit the exam. Your first exam is included in the registration fee for each module.

How to book your exam

When you have successfully completed the qualification, we will post your certificate to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

To be able to work as a mortgage adviser you need to achieve a relevant qualification that meets the Financial Conduct Authority’s mandatory minimum requirement at Level 3, for example the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. It typically takes 12 months to complete CeMAP.

See our other CeMAP FAQs for more details of all our mortgage advice qualifications.

CeMAP is the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. It is widely recognised as the premier qualification for the provision of mortgage advice.

Positioned at Level 3, CeMAP is registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework and meets the FCA’s examination standards for providing advice on mortgage products. It is also an approved qualification in the mortgage advice apprenticeship standards.

Once you have passed CeMAP, you can progress to the CeMAP Diploma (Level 4) by taking one further module, Advanced Mortgage Advice, and/or study for the Level 3 Certificate in Equity Release (CeRER) to expand the range of products you can advise on.

All three awards meet the FCA’s regulatory requirements and are registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

The registration fee you pay not only includes the cost of an exam sitting, but also provides access to our course sites where the learning materials are available online (hard copies are also provided for most modules). These include the study texts for modules 1 and 2 (there is no study text for CeMAP3 as this is the summative unit and draws upon the learning from the previous modules). There are also student-led discussion forums, study tip videos, study planners, tax tables and syllabus updates.

Many students find that distance learning/self study suits their learning style and this type of provision enables them to fit study around their work and home life. However, if after commencing your study you think you would benefit from additional support, there are many external training organisations offering CeMAP training / courses.

This type of support is entirely optional and will incur an extra cost to you. Therefore, before committing to paying for extra learning provision, you are strongly advised to read the information provided in the Recognised Learning Support Provider section.

The fee you pay to us covers:

  • Your registration with The London Institute of Banking & Finance.
  • Online study texts for CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2 (hard copies will also be provided), which include review questions and activities to support your learning. Because CeMAP 3 is the summative unit, it does not have its own study text, but an information.
  • Access to online learning support which includes a student-led discussion forum, study tips videos, weekly study planner and syllabus updates.
  • Exam entry (if you need to resit you will need to register and pay for your resit exam).

Click here for our current CeMAP fees.

Access to our CeMAP TV Channel is available free of charge.

Additional study materials and support are available at additional cost and can be purchased at any time:

  • CeMAP 2 Module Support
  • CeMAP Revision Tool (CRT)
  • Specimen exams (available online via MyLIBF)
  • Ask The Experts (online tutor support)

Find out more here.

In line with our charitable objectives, we make means-tested bursaries available to students studying our qualifications. For further information and how to apply, please visit our funding options section.

Scotland has different rules regarding a number of financial factors including the home ownership process. For students practising in Scotland we recommend the Scottish CeMAP, however both versions of the qualification are valid throughout the UK. The English/Welsh and Scottish versions of CeMAP use the same study materials and information. Study texts specific to Scotland are marked with the Scottish flag.

In the exam, students registered for the English/Welsh version will be tested on all of the content in their study texts apart from specific information related to Scotland. Students registered for the Scottish version will also be tested on the specific information related to Scotland.

CeMAP is a licence to practise qualification that meets the Financial Conduct Authority’s examination standards. This does not allow you to practise outside of the United Kingdom.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) encompasses a student’s previous non-certificated and certificated achievements obtained through another awarding organisation. This has previously been known as an exemption. Please read our Recognition of Prior Learning Policy as it explains the steps to take when applying. Your application will need to include certified copies of your qualification certificate or transcript. We aim to provide an outcome within 10 working days. If we need longer, we will let you know.

We are committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for all students, regardless of any disabilities or learning difficulties they may have and realise that, without reasonable adjustment, students may be prevented from demonstrating their true level of ability during an assessment.

Given the individual nature of reasonable adjustments, we recommend that you contact our Student Support team on +44 (0)1227 818609 or support@libf.ac.uk for an informal discussion before you submit your request. This will allow us to fully understand the nature of your circumstances and advise you on the type of supporting evidence required.

The Reasonable Adjustments Policy explains the steps to take when applying and has an application form included. Your application must be received, with supporting documentation, at least six weeks prior to the date when the adjustment will need to be in place.

Once you qualify as a mortgage adviser by passing CeMAP, you can progress to the CeMAP Diploma (Level 4) by taking one further module, Advanced Mortgage Advice. Find out more here.

You can also study for the Level 3 Certificate in Equity Release (CeRER) to expand the range of products you can advise on. Find out more here.

You can apply for CeMAP Professional status. This is a status you can display to your clients, employers and peers to confirm that you actively pursue personal development to ensure your knowledge of the mortgage industry is current, work in a professional and ethical manner and hold CeMAP or the CeMAP Diploma.

We have two status’: if you hold our CeMAP or Advanced CeMAP, you can apply for CeMAP Professional Status, and if you hold the higher level CeMAP Diploma or DipMAP you can apply for Advanced CeMAP Professional Status. Find out more about Professional Status here.

If you are considering changing your adviser role, you could consider studying for our financial advice qualifications, which include certificates and diplomas in financial advice, paraplanning, and more specialised areas such as pensions transfers, later life planning and long-term care. Our Advanced Diploma in Financial Advice provides a direct path to Chartered status. Find out more here.

You can become a member and take advantage of the many benefits of membership, including Continuing Professional Development opportunities, Statements of Professional Standing, and our Alumni network and events. Visit our membership page to find out more.

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